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ACNA Community Centre
31 Hingerhill Road, St Ann's, NG3 4NB

About us


Founded in 1978, the African Caribbean National Artistic Centre (ACNA) was established as a community organisation, mainly for people of African Caribbean/West Indian decent to think, act and work together  towards its key priorities, to;

  • Promote awareness of cultural heritage of Black people and a positive sense of identity, self respect and respect of others;
  • Play a pivotal role between the Statutory and Voluntary organisations for the Black Community through the provision of information and advice that would meet the needs of  the community.
  • Encourage educational achievement for members (particularly young people) of the community through emotional support and self-development. Finally to promote social welfare and community participation for the most disadvantage members of the community.


Through the hard work and commitment of many of African Caribbean Community and members, over the last years 35 the ACNA has made a number of progress and achievements. However we recognise the growth in complex needs particularly for our ageing population and equally the impact of social deprivation amongst our younger generation. In order these two issues ACNA has pursued priorities to address the promotion of living a healthier lifestyle. Activities are created, developed and facilitated  that encourage increase independency, awareness of choice towards improved wellbeing activities (planned by users led groups) that are more apt to our present, future members and users of all ages, equally respecting traditions and culture.

The Centre has become the place where citizens engaged and be empowered through workshops and in variety of partnership initiatives & projects identified as of paramount importance for the future of local Citizens in Nottingham. Our aim still is to; improve the quality of life for Nottingham citizens in particularly people of African Caribbean decent, the provision of Training & Support Services to individuals within the community and organisations that support such individuals.

The centre has a Social Club which supports functions that aquire the use of ACNA’s bar facilities.  ACNA has had a fully licensed bar since 1978 which  raise funds towards sustainability of the centre. It also have a Domino Club that meets regularly at the centre, the club provides opportunity its members to participate in this well-loved social sport  through local regional and nationally domino tournaments activities.


ACNA Centre strives to;

  • Be a place where local families, community and visitors are drawn in, embraced and supported.
  • Offer people a place of sanctuary, relaxation, socialisation and a sense of ownership, through participation and community involvement.
  • Ensure vulnerable people are encouraged and supported towards positive, social health, increased independency and wellbeing. Young people are supported and encouraged to reach their full potential in Educational achievement  and Employment opportunities.
  • Ensure that  all Citizens be free and relax, to use/participate in ACNA’s services, facilities and activities.
  • Be committed towards the advancement and development of all citizens (particularly those of West Indian and African decent) of Nottingham, through local regional and national activities.
  • ACNA promotes equality and celebrates the rich diversity in Nottingham.



About Us

ACNA has become the place where citizens engaged and be empowered through workshops and in variety of partnership initiatives & projects.

Meals at Home

This facility is an ideal meeting place and a befriending group for elderly in creative wrting, needle work, barking, dominoes, day trips and other fun activities.

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